Information Sciences with Applications (ISWA) journal, a distinguished publication affiliated with Sciences Force Publisher, serves as a dynamic platform at the forefront of information sciences and its practical applications. Committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination, ISWA welcomes cutting-edge research contributions that bridge theoretical advancements with real-world applications. As an open-access journal, ISWA provides global accessibility to groundbreaking insights, ensuring a multidisciplinary dialogue that addresses challenges in the rapidly evolving field of information sciences. With a focus on transparency, independence, and privacy, ISWA journal is dedicated to shaping the narrative of information sciences and applications.

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Camelia Delcea

Researcher profiles: |Scopus|ORCID|Scholar|Website|

Affiliation: Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania.



Ibrahim A. Hameed

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Affiliation: Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), 7034 Alesund, Norway.


Sudeep Tanwar |ORCID|Scopus|Scholar|

Affiliation: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India.

Research Interest: Blockchain Technology, Wireless Networking, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber Security.




Full Editorial Board

Vol. 3 (2024): Information Sciences with Applications

Published: 22-04-2024

Adaptive Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms on Medical Datasets for Disease Prediction

Salwa Elsayed, Mahmoud M. Ismail, Amal F. Abdel-Gawad, Israa Mohamed (Author)



DX-HeartNet: Explainable Model for Detecting Heart Diseases

Gawaher S. Hussein, Khalid A. Eldrandaly, Abdel Nasser H. Zaied, Samar L. Elhawy (Author)


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Information Sciences with Applications (ISWA) journal, a distinguished publication under the auspices of Sciences Force Publisher, stands as a vital contributor to the field of information sciences. Established with a commitment to advancing the frontiers of information sciences and their practical applications, ISWA Journal provides a scholarly platform for the exchange of cutting-edge research and insights.

Aims and Scope: ISWA journal is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for the latest advancements in information sciences. Our Aims and Scope encompass a diverse range of topics, including data science, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, knowledge management, and practical applications of information technologies. We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute to the journal, fostering innovation and addressing the evolving challenges in information sciences.

Publication Frequency: Published regularly on a quarterly basis, ISWA Journal offers a timely and consistent platform for researchers and practitioners to share groundbreaking advancements and insights. This periodicity ensures that our readership stays informed about the latest developments in the rapidly evolving landscape of information sciences.

Open Access Commitment: As an advocate for open access, ISWA journal is committed to making valuable research freely accessible to a global audience. Our open-access policy empowers readers to access, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles without prior permission, fostering the widespread dissemination of knowledge and democratizing access to information.

Acceptance Rate and Timelines: In its inaugural year, ISWA journal is committed to upholding rigorous standards of quality and efficiency. While historical acceptance rates are not yet established, our goal is to maintain a selective acceptance rate, ensuring the publication of only high-quality research. For the year 2024, we aim for an initial editorial decision within 7 days from manuscript submission, a median time of 16 weeks from submission to acceptance, and an additional 10 days from acceptance to online publication.

These ambitious timelines are designed to streamline the publication process, facilitating swift sharing of discoveries with the global scientific community. The ISWA editorial team is dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient publication experience, contributing to a legacy of excellence in information sciences research.

Archival Recognition: Articles published in ISWA journal will be archived and recognized by esteemed scientific archives, emphasizing the journal's significant contribution to the global scientific discourse.


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