The Systems Assessment and Engineering Management (SAEM) journal is steadfastly committed to the principles of open access, championing the wide dissemination of scholarly knowledge within the realm of climate change. Our policies are meticulously crafted to enhance accessibility, transparency, and the ethical use of published content, all while upholding the highest standards of academic rigor and integrity.

Publication Ethics and Integrity: Publisher and Editor Commitment: At SAEM journal, the commitment of our publisher and editor is unwavering when it comes to upholding the integrity of scholarly work. We prioritize transparency and accountability, ensuring the publication of corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies whenever necessary to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the scientific record.

Open Access Publication: Immediate Accessibility: All research articles published in the SAEM journal are fully open access, immediately available for reading, downloading, and sharing upon publication. Released under the terms of a Creative Commons license (CC), these articles permit widespread use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided proper citation of the original work.

Originality Assurance: Manuscripts submitted to the SAEM journal undergo a thorough similarity check using iThenticate, a trusted software, to ensure their originality. Subsequently, manuscripts undergo rigorous peer review by an international panel of expert reviewers, upholding the quality and integrity of the published content.

Rights and Licensing: Author and Copyright Holder Rights: Authors and copyright holders grant all users an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right of access to and a license to copy, use, distribute, transmit, and publicly display the work. Users are also granted the right to create derivative works in any digital medium for responsible purposes, subject to appropriate attribution of authorship, and the right to create a limited number of printed copies for personal use.

Archiving and Repository Deposition: Immediate Repository Deposits: A complete version of each published work, along with supplementary materials and permission statements, is deposited immediately after initial publication in at least one online repository supported by academic institutions, scholarly societies, governmental agencies, or other reputable organizations dedicated to fostering open access, unhindered distribution, interoperability, and long-term archiving.

Promotion of Open Access Values: The SAEM journal actively advocates for and promotes open-access values by encouraging collaboration with repositories, institutions, and organizations dedicated to fostering open access, making scholarly research widely available, and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Continual Review and Improvement: This open-access policy at SAEM journal is subject to continual review and improvement, ensuring alignment with best practices in open-access publishing and serving the evolving needs of the scholarly community.