MAWA publishes research articles, review articles, analysis articles, mini-review articles, perspective, correspondence, comment, short communications, and case studies. Research articles must include: motivation for the work, an adequate overview of the representative work in the field including up-to-date references, a clear statement of the novelty in the presented research, suitable theoretical background, one or more examples to demonstrate and discuss the presented ideas and, finally, conclusions. Short communications are usually 4-7 pages long, research articles and case studies 8-14 pages, while reviews can be longer. Page number limits are not strict and, with appropriate reasoning, the submitted articles can also be longer or shorter. Authors are requested to follow the MAWA guidelines and strictly format their manuscripts as per the article template that is available here.

If extensions of previously published conference papers are submitted, Editors will check if sufficient new material has been added to fulfill the journal standards and qualify the submission for the review process. The added material must have not been previously published. New results are desired but not necessarily required; however, the submission should contain expansions of key ideas, examples, elaborations, etc. of the conference submission.