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Submission Process
Manuscripts for Neutrosophic Systems with Applications should be submitted online at sciencesforce.com/nswa or by email at nswa@sciencesforce.com or editor@nswajournal.org. The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process. The submitting author must ensure that all eligible co-authors have been included in the author list and that they have all read and approved the submitted version of the manuscript. To submit your manuscript, register and log in to the submission page.

Accepted File Formats
Authors must use the Microsoft Word template to prepare their manuscript. Using the template file will substantially shorten the time to complete copyediting and publication of accepted manuscripts. Accepted file formats are:

  • Microsoft Word: Manuscripts prepared in Microsoft Word must be converted into a single file before submission. When preparing manuscripts in Microsoft Word, the NSWA template file must be used. Please insert your graphics (schemes, figures, etc.) in the main text after the paragraph of its first citation.
  • Supplementary files: May be of any format, but it is recommended that you use common, non-proprietary formats where possible.

All necessary files have been uploaded:
- Manuscript:
Include keywords.

  • All figures (include relevant captions);
  • All tables (including titles, descriptions, and footnotes);
  • Ensure all figure and table citations in the text match the files provided;
  • Indicate clearly if color should be used for any figures in print;

- Supplemental files (where applicable).

Reproducing Published Material from other Publishers
It is absolutely essential that authors obtain permission to reproduce any published material (figures, schemes, tables, or any extract of a text) that does not fall into the public domain, or for which they do not hold the copyright. Permission should be requested by the authors from the copyright holder (usually the publisher; please refer to the imprint of the individual publications to identify the copyright holder).

Permission is required for:

  • Your own works were published by other publishers and for which you did not retain copyright.
  • Substantial extracts from anyone's works or a series of works.
  • Use tables, graphs, charts, schemes, and artworks if they are unaltered or slightly modified.
  • Photographs for which you do not hold copyright.

Permission is not required for:

  • Reconstruction of your own table with data already published elsewhere. Please notice that in this case, you must cite the source of the data in the form of either "Data from..." or "Adapted from...".
  • Reasonably short quotes are considered fair use and therefore do not require permission.
  • Graphs, charts, schemes, and artworks that are completely redrawn by the authors and significantly changed beyond recognition do not require permission.

Obtaining Permission

  • In order to avoid unnecessary delays in the publication process, you should start obtaining permissions as early as possible. If you have any doubts about the copyright, apply for permission. NSWA cannot publish material from other publications without permission.
  • The copyright holder may give you instructions on the form of acknowledgment to be followed; otherwise, follow the style: "Reproduced with permission from [author], [book/journal title]; published by [publisher], [year].' at the end of the caption of the table, figure, or scheme.

Editors and Journal Staff as Authors

  • Editorial independence is extremely important, and NSWA does not interfere with editorial decisions.
  • Editorial staff or editors shall not be involved in the processing of their own academic work. Submissions authored by editorial staff/editors will be assigned to at least two independent outside reviewers. Decisions will be made by other editorial board members who do not have a conflict of interest with the author. Journal staff is not involved in the processing of their own work submitted to NSWA.

All submissions must meet the following requirements:.

  • This submission meets the requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.
  • This submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.
  • All references have been checked for accuracy and completeness.
  • All tables and figures have been numbered and labeled.
  • Permission has been obtained to publish all photos, datasets, and other material provided with this submission.