Precision Livestock (PL) journal, a distinguished publication affiliated with Sciences Force Publisher, serves as a leading platform dedicated to advancing scholarly discourse in the field of precision livestock farming. Rooted in the intersection of technology and agriculture, the journal is committed to fostering innovative research initiatives and pioneering applications of technology in the domain of precision livestock.
Mission Statement: At the heart of our mission is the commitment to establishing PL journal as a prominent open-access platform. We aim to provide an intellectual hub for academics, researchers, and practitioners deeply involved in the development and application of precision livestock farming solutions that significantly contribute to enhancing livestock management, promoting sustainable agriculture, and fortifying efficient livestock production.
Scope of the Journal: The scope of PL journal is expansive, covering a spectrum of themes within the realm of precision livestock farming and its technological applications. Key areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Precision Livestock Monitoring and Sensing Technologies
  • Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems in Livestock Farming
  • IoT Applications in Livestock Management
  • Automated Health Monitoring and Disease Detection in Livestock
  • Precision Nutrition for Livestock
  • Robotics and Automation in Livestock Farming
  • Smart Farming Practices for Livestock
  • Wearable Technologies for Livestock Tracking and Management
  • Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability in Livestock Production
  • Precision Livestock Farming in Aquaculture
  • Integration of Satellite and Remote Sensing Technologies in Livestock Management
  • Precision Livestock Farming for Small-Scale and Large-Scale Operations
  • Ethical Considerations in the Application of Technology in Livestock Farming

Applications: Furthermore, PL Journal strives to foster the integration of innovative applications across diverse precision livestock farming domains. The journal invites submissions showcasing novel applications with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and originality. The diverse range of relevant applications includes (but is not limited to):

  • Precision Livestock Farming for Dairy Production
  • Precision Livestock Farming in Poultry and Swine Management
  • Precision Livestock Farming for Sustainable Beef and Sheep Production
  • Integration of Precision Agriculture Techniques in Livestock Farming
  • Digital Twins in Livestock Farming
  • Blockchain Technology for Livestock Traceability
  • Precision Livestock Farming in Agroforestry Systems
  • Automated Milking and Feeding Systems
  • Precision Livestock Farming for Biodiversity Conservation
  • Precision Livestock Farming and Climate Change Mitigation
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Drones in Livestock Monitoring
  • Precision Livestock Farming for Animal Welfare Enhancement
  • Mobile Applications for Livestock Farmers
  • Precision Livestock Farming in Developing Countries
  • Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Precision Livestock Farming

PL journal is dedicated to being a comprehensive resource for advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in precision livestock farming, contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture and livestock management.