At the Systems Assessment and Engineering Management (SAEM) journal, we prioritize the preservation of author rights and the facilitation of knowledge dissemination. For all articles published in SAEM journal, the copyright is retained by the authors. To ensure widespread accessibility and exposure, articles are licensed under an open-access Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, allowing free download and reading of the paper. Authors retain the rights to their work, fostering the democratization of information.

Terms of Use: Under the CC BY 4.0 license, articles published in SAEM journal can be reused and quoted under the condition that the original published version is appropriately cited. These terms are designed to maximize the use and exposure of the work while ensuring due credit to the authors. We believe in empowering researchers and readers alike by providing an open-access framework that encourages the responsible use and dissemination of scholarly content.

Reproducing Published Material from Other Publishers: Authors at SAEM journal are encouraged to obtain permission to reproduce any published material, such as figures, schemes, tables, or text extracts, for which they do not hold the copyright. This includes their own works published by other publishers. Permission is required for substantial extracts, unaltered or slightly modified tables, graphs, charts, schemes, artworks, and photographs for which the authors do not hold copyright.

Permission is not required for:

  • Reconstruction of the authors' own table with data already published elsewhere, with proper citation.
  • Reasonably short quotes, considered fair use and do not require permission.
  • Graphs, charts, schemes, and artworks that are completely redrawn by the authors and significantly changed beyond recognition.

Obtaining Permission: To avoid unnecessary delays in the publication process, authors should initiate the permission process early. If there is any doubt about copyright, authors should seek permission. SAEM journal cannot publish material from other publications without proper authorization. The copyright holder may provide specific instructions for acknowledgment; otherwise, authors should follow the style: "Reproduced with permission from [author], [book/journal title]; published by [publisher], [year]." We value transparency and adherence to copyright guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible scholarly publishing.